འབྲུག་ཆོས་སྲིད་ཀྱི་རབས། (Druk gyi Gyalrab) Religious and Political History of Bhutan

Author: Dasho Phuntso Wangdi   Year of Publishing: 2013-01-01   ISBN No: 99936-17-04-0   Publisher: National Library & Archives of Bhutan

Dasho Phuntsho Wangdi (1908-1959), who wrote this account, was a grandson of Bhutan’s first king, Gongsa (supreme leader) Ugyen Wangchuck (1862-1926). He was the only child of Chimi Yangzom, second daughter of His Majesty by his second consort, Rinchen Pelmo. In this work the author first talks about how the physical world and animate beings came into existence, and then briefly touches on the background of religious and political/secular history of India and Tibet. Following this introductory material, he gives a detailed account of religious and political events in Bhutan. He describes how the different Tibetan Buddhist traditions came to Bhutan and how the various houses of nobility became established in the country. He chronicles the reigns of the successive desis (regents) and concludes his exposition with a brief account of the activities of Gongsa Jigme Namgyal who held the post of Trongsa Penlop (governor) 1853-1866 and served as 51st Desi (1870-73) and of his son, Gongsa Ugyen Wangchuck, who also served as Trongsa Penlop and in 1907 was crowned King of Bhutan.

The unpublished manuscript stayed in the family through the reigns of successive monarchs. Royal Grandmother, HM Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuck, who received the manuscript from her son, the fourth king, presented it to the NLAB for the national collection, graciously permitting publication for the interest of general readers, historians and researchers. First published in 2007, the work has now been substantially revised and re-edited by deputy chief librarian, Ugyen Tenzin for this second edition.

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