Zhuri Duechod: Annual Commemoration of the Zhuri Lineage

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Physical Description
Researcher Detial:

Jigme Choden 

Date of Entry:17/12/2020 10:41 am

Asset Details
  • Domain          :  Cultural Events
  • Catagory        :  Religious Events
  • Local Name  :  Zhuri Duechod: Annual Commemoration of the Zhuri Lineage
  • Dzongkhag   :  Bumthang
  • Gewog            :    
  • Village            :    


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Local Informants: 

  • Karma Jatsho (73), Zhuri Lama’s house
  • Kinzang Dema (71), one of the tsawas of the festival
  • Sangay Choden (58), Chungphel
  • Karma Tharchen (68), who participated as gadpo from Zhuri