Bhang Shing

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Physical Description

As only the root was used, they would dig and get the roots of the plant. According to Ap Ugyen Chungwa (60years) from Tshapey village, the plant looks similar to the Artemisia plant and it would grow separately and singly. The plant taste sweet. There is another plant which is known as ‘du shing’ which is highly poisonous and bhang should be kept away from it. The du shing, although used for treating wounds by frying it in butter, can affect the medicinal value of the bhang and make it poisonous.  The du shing flower is identified with blue colored flowers.

Date of Entry:17/12/2020 10:48 am

Asset Details
  • Domain          :  Folk Knowledge & Customs
  • Catagory        :  Health & Hygiene
  • Local Name  :  Bhang Shing
  • Dzongkhag   :  Haa
  • Gewog            :    
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